Baseball Trading Pins

for Extraordinary Experiences

that help young baseball players develop life skills, real-world connections and lasting memories.
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Quality Pins, Exceptional Designs

Be proud of passion-driven designs that are sure to make your nasenall trading pins stand out and help build lasting memories.

Service You Can Count On

Enjoy responsive service from a team
who shares your passion for the tradition
of trading pins and baseball.

A Greater Purpose

Partner with a company who believes trading pins builds confidence and character in every young baseball player.
Travel Baseball Trading Pins

Travel Baseball Trading Pins are More than Collectibles and Should Last a Lifetime: 
Design and Quality Matters.

As parents and coaches, we want the best for the young ballplayers in our lives. We know travel ball is about more than a game—it’s about those moments connecting and growing off the field, too. Unfortunately, genuine connections are fading for kids in the digital age. That’s where pin trading comes in.

Pin trading has always been a bridge to new friendships and life lessons. It’s a time-honored tradition that stands strong against digital distractions.
Starting a team and building a network of trusted resources is already challenging. But finding the right pins to inspire that passion from a seller who gets it? That’s a whole other ballgame. Your team deserves high quality pins designed by people who value not only baseball, but every pin trade as an opportunity, a lesson, and a memory.
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At Infiniti Pins, we believe that trading pins create opportunities for kids to develop essential skills, build real-world connections, and make unforgettable memories. That’s why, we design premium trading pins for extraordinary experiences.

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Infiniti Pins is More Than a Pin Company:
We’re a Passion Project Born on the Diamond.

From our own childhoods on the field to coaching the next generation, pin trading has been a transformative part of our lives for the past 30 years. With over 115,000 pins in our founder’s personal collection, we’re here to give back by helping kids experience that same magic. Here’s what sets us apart:

• We believe baseball and pins are more than a sport and a collectible. They’re tools we use to build our youth's confidence, character, and social skills. Personal growth happens in every trade, handshake, and conversation.

• By valuing each pin's impact, we naturally guarantee its quality. Every pin we make holds potential for its young owner—a memory, a friendship, a lesson.

• We annually host events that educate on and celebrate pin trading. These gatherings allow kids to interact, learn, and expand their horizons. They connect communities and lead to unforgettable moments.

• We provide not only pins, but travel baseball resources. We understand what it takes to make a team and have a passion for helping parent coaches succeed.
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Bottom line?

We're in this for the love of the game and the experiences pin trading can create.
travel baseball trading pins
“Infiniti Pins is an incredible company to deal with! I consider Steve and Jason to be subject matter experts in the business. I have worked with them over the last 6 years on multiple designs. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. They are willing to take on new challenges and are constantly bringing the newest technology to the hobby. There should be no question that your pin needs are in the right hands with this company.
-Brian Crawford

A Smooth Experience From Design to Delivery


Reach out with your order details, whether it's a call or an online submission. We're here to listen, guide, and guarantee that your vision inspires your team to trade and connect. Our commitment is clear communication every step of the way.


You’re not just getting the best baseball trading pins; you’re joining a legacy. We treat your order with that in mind, creating pins that last. Each one holds potential for kids—the promise of creating memories and making new connections.


Along with your order, you get unmatched customer service and a dedicated resource in the travel ball world. You get to share in your team’s excitement and witness their growth in each trade they make.

Every Young Ball Player Deserves Opportunities for Growth & Connection

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Without quality pins and passion-driven designs, pin trading loses its spark. With the right pins and resources, however, kids continue to be inspired to get out there and trade, make friends, and develop essential life skills in the process. They learn with every trade and make memories that last forever.

We’re all about helping players have those extraordinary experiences, one pin at a time. Let Infiniti Pins help you make every trade a story worth telling, because pins are a way to build real-world connections, develop character, and add to the community spirit that defines travel ball.
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